Waterloo Irrigation System

Waterloo Irrigation System

Harnessing nature’s most valuable resource

The Waterloo Irrigation system is great way to re-use rainwater for irrigation applications. This system reduces the strain on water utility bills and provides a viable option when municipal water conservation measures are implemented. The following is a summary of the essential system components supplied with the Irrigation package.

Waterloo Irrigation System

1. Rainwater is stored in an underground Carat-S tank, which is manufactured using the high quality polypropylene material Duralen®. This tank demonstrates extreme rigidity, reliability and versatility, and is ideally suited for below ground applications. Carat-S tanks carry a 15-year manufacturer’s defect warranty.

2. The tank is equipped with an adjustable telescoping riser lid, which provides easy access to the rainwater harvesting system from grade. This unique feature allows for simple adjustment based on site conditions. This cover is suitable for pedestrian loading but can also be upgraded for vehicular loading if required.

3. Prior to entering the tank, rainwater is cleaned via the Universal Filter. This filter provides a 100% water yield, and ensures that only clean, debris-free rainwater enters the tank. The filter basket captures unwanted debris, and is equipped with a handle for easy disposal and maintenance.

4. The system is equipped with an overflow siphon assembly, which disposes of excess water and filters out surface particles and contaminants. The siphon setup also keeps odours from entering the tank.

5. Filtered rainwater enters the bottom of the tank through a calmed inlet. The stilling nature of the inflow prevents any small particles or sediment that has settled to the bottom of the tank from becoming agitated.

6. A floating suction hose, equipped with a fine mesh stainless steel inlet ensures that only clean water from the middle of the tank is utilized for irrigation.

7. A self-priming centrifugal pump with built in pressure switch and tank is used for the irrigation application. The pump has automatic on/off operation and has built in protection to prevent the pump from running if no water is available.

Rainwater harvesting systems from Waterloo Biofilter help you reduce your environmental footprint and can save potable water usage by up to 50%.

Product Benefits

Pre-packaged solution

Simple installation and easy to use

Minimal visual impact

Patented filter technology

100% water yield

Pressure drop activation system reduces electrical consumption

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